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My name is Christopher Marchase and I own and operate a small family coin business; and I believe that education and research are the foundation to becoming a successful coin collector, dealer, or investor. I believe that numismatic goals are easier to achieve with the new advances in technology,forums, and digital libraries.

I buy and sell U.S. coinage, but I specialize in Western Americana featuring tokens, medals, badges, stock certificates, checks, assayer receipts, letter heads, and other rare exonumia from early pioneer days in the Western United States.

I am a life member of the American Numismatic Association (LM6124), and I am one of the leading authorities on Lesher Referendum Dollars.

I have accepted nomination as a candidate for the board of governors for the American Numismatic association to represent an age demographic of current and potential members under 40. You can learn more about my campaigns by visiting my election site. For information about online voting visit the ANA election central at money.org.

If you would like to know more about becoming an ANA member visit money.org to subscribe.

I regularly do presentations at local coin clubs so please get involved with your local club to learn more about collecting and the history of coins. I am also involved with the Colorado Wyoming Numismatic Association to help promote the hobby and a member of the Token and Medal Society and the National Tokens Collectors Association.

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